Raum Network — Introduction To Decentralized Storage

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Raum Network Features

  1. Wallet Connect Access — Raum Network will provide the user to login in the system from any provided list of wallets. This feature will work as a Single Sign off system to facilitate a faster and secure login for the users. The combination of public key and private key will be used as a digital signature to allow user login.
  2. Role-Based Access — Raum Network will provide extreme functionality only for the enterprise level to assign the roles as per the hierarchy. There can be one or multiple managers who can provide or revoke access from the people.
  3. Multiple Gateways for Storage Access — Raum Network will have multiple gateways. These will be divided into quorum (1 main node, 2 failover nodes) to access our storage so that even one node goes down next nearest available gateway node will always be available to access the storage without any downtime.
  4. Storage Tiers — We will provide storage so that it suffices every end-user use case. It will be divided into three storage classes (Standard Class, Cold Class, Archival Class). Where the user can decide which type of data they want to store in the storage class category.

Raum Network Solution



The New Standard in Data Storage

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